MTE Teaching 
Through our non-profit academy in Valencia, we offer you the opportunity to get some real hands-on experience in the classroom. While some TEFL courses may provide you with a few hours of teaching your peers, you can't beat working with real students. At our academy, not only do you get to practise your teaching skills, you start to understand the development process involved by working closely with the same students over a period of time. Something that no TEFL course can really give you.

How long does an MTE Teaching Placement last?
2 - 6 weeks. 

Do I need to have a TEFL qualification?
A little theoretical knowledge will give you a head-start. However, we have worked with people with little or no exposure to teaching English, and they turned out to be some of the best teachers we've seen.

What exactly will I be teaching?
The academy follows a set curriculum as determined by the books we use. For the 2017/18 academic year, we will be working from the Oxford University Press' English File, 3rd Edition.

Are all classes standard 'book-work' lessons?
No. We also offer conversation classes. You will be given a theme and lots of question prompts to help students practise their spoken English in a very natural way.

Do I need to plan my own classes?
No. We will provide you with step by step instructions on how to deliver the material effectively. Although, you will need to research any specified grammar and vocabulary issues to ensure you are ready for any questions that will come your way.

What levels will I be teaching?
You will work with some or all of the following levels during your time at the academy:
Elementary (A2 CEFR)
Pre Intermediate (B1 CEFR)
Intermediate (B1+ CEFR)
Upper Intermediate (B2 CEFR)
CEFR stands for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Click on the button below to see how the levels are defined. You will notice that the level B1+ isn't shown on the scale, but you will get an idea of the standard of this level by reading about the others either side of it.

CEFR Descriptors
How many hours will I teach each week at the academy?
Between 16 and 24. The academy is open from Monday to Friday 09:30 to 13:30, and in the afternoon from 15:30 to 19:30. You will, on average, teach 3 classes per day; some days you might have 2, and other days you might have 4. If you have classes in the morning and afternoon, you aren't expected to stay onsite and wait. You are free to go off and explore (or take a siesta!) if you have a few hours spare.

How many students are in each class?
That can vary, depending on the time of year. The broad answer is anywhere for 1 to 20 students. The average is around 6-8.

Will I be observed during my classes?
Not all the time, but we do reserve the right to make observations whenever we feel it's necessary. We will generally observe you during your first class, and give you some feedback for things to work on over the course of your stay. Providing that there aren't any major issues, you will be working freely, on your own, unless you ask for further assistance. We have an obligation to provide our students with a high standard of education, and we must ensure that this is met at all times.

What happens if I'm really nervous?
Everybody gets nervous sometimes, it's perfectly normal. Most people finish their first class wondering why they were ever worried in the first place. If you are particularly worried about stepping into the classroom, then it would be a good idea to come and spend a week observing other classes before you begin teaching. We won't charge you anything to do this, so you have nothing to lose!

Why do I have to pay to teach at the academy?
The academy is a place for Volunteer teachers, like yourself, to come and gain experience. We are there to help you every step of the way providing all of your materials, support and advice. The minimal contribution (approx 2 euros per class) from the students doesn't even come close to covering the running costs of the academy, so we need to make up the deficit in another way. Why don't we just charge the students more? The answer to that is simple. We don't want to! The academy is so financially accessible for the local students, that learning English has become a reality for hundreds of people who would never have had this opportunity without our help.

How much does it cost to come and gain experience at the academy?
84 euros per week.

Where do I stay while I'm in Valencia?
That's up to you! Check out the accommodation section for options and prices.

How do I apply?
Simple! Click here to go to the application form.

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